Wednesday, January 12, 2011

some of my favorite yard sale finds

These are 2 pieces that greet you when you walk into my home and which I purchased this past summer during my yard sale days. The top piece is a wall cabinet taken from a very old house, the bottom piece is a dry sink complete with copper liner and slate top.
I hope to paint the bottom piece and prim it up a bit this spring.

My hope is that maybe each week we can 1) each share a favorite piece that we have purchased for a great deal, either from a friend or a yard, tag, garage or at a show. And 2)share your finished product if you plan on changing it up a bit or how you plan on using it.

With all this talent on these blogs everyone has a different approach to decorating and use of items. This way we can look at things differently and not pass up a piece because we dont know what to do with it...... PLEASE join in


  1. Hi Nancy,
    Love your finds!!! WOw....I need a Dry sink! Great idea for posting pics of recent finds that we change or use!
    Where are you located in Ny? I am in Central NY!!!!!