Saturday, September 3, 2011

Time flies!

It seems like yesterday when I last posted and when I ust got on it was like 6 months ago, sorry for being a bad poster. Nothing much new here l get on every day and read all your lovely posts and I am so enjoying the beautiful pictures you all are sharing of your pretty fall decorating, I hope to get some done this week as soon as it cools off some. We survived Hurricane Irene with a bit of water in the basement but NOTHING compared to my neighboring towns, oh my it is such a shame to watch and hear the horror stories, so heartbreaking:( Mother Nature is a force we should always pay more attention to. I hear that there is another Hurricane out there swamping Louisanna right now and we may see that one by sometime end of the week, and I know there are so many that just dont need any more rain to deal with, I hope this one misses upstate completely.
Thats all for now, thanks for letting me slip and I will try to be better with my blogging, I really do enjoy reading everyones stories every day

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Blog swap goodies

Today I received my second blog gifts, these wonderful goodies were sent from Tammy Welman and we were in the 5 favorite things blog from The Pickled Pepper Patch blog. Thank you Tammy and Thank you Char for putting this on it was a BLAST. Had to share a picture of it beautifully wrapped up too:) All but the little candle were handmade by Tammy and I so appreciate all the hard work she put into my gifts. I am so envious of her talent:)
Thank you again Tammy and Char:)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

My blog swap goodies-Tammy APP Blog

Today was like Christmas here as I received my swap goodies from my partner Angie Shernock from Tammy at A Primitive Place. I love all of them and truly appreciate the time and effort she put into making me the wonderful candle mat and the sweet little prim doll. I only wish I had some of her talent! The candle is a soy based candle from Southern Candle called Kentucky bourbon that smells so wonderful. Thank you Angie for the wonderful gifts and Thank you Tammy for putting this all together, it was my first and a lot of fun!

Nancy W

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My New Bed!!

Well its not really new, I found it on Craigslist. I have had it since early November, but incase you did not know I fell Nov. 8th and broke my leg/ankle in 3 places and honestly today was the first day I have had a chance to actually make my bed. Just started walking after 12 weeks in a wheelchair:(
LOVE the new bedding I got from Family Heirloom Weavers, there stuff is still USA made and it washes so very nice. I have 3 dogs that sleep in my room and 1 that sleeps on the bed with me and hubby:) so anything that looks nice and washes even better are number 1 in my book.
I also got the matching dressers from the same sale but do not have picture of them, they are in great shape as well. Trying to find something nice in a king size is very hard and especially whem you are looking for black and prim looking so I just HAD to have this when we saw the posting. It was less than a year old and the family was moving, so what a steal we got!
Still working on my blog swap goodies, making great progress just need a few more things to add. It was hard picking just 3-5 of my favorites I must say since I have so many!
Hope you enjoyed my new bed and bedding and have a great night!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

some of my favorite yard sale finds

These are 2 pieces that greet you when you walk into my home and which I purchased this past summer during my yard sale days. The top piece is a wall cabinet taken from a very old house, the bottom piece is a dry sink complete with copper liner and slate top.
I hope to paint the bottom piece and prim it up a bit this spring.

My hope is that maybe each week we can 1) each share a favorite piece that we have purchased for a great deal, either from a friend or a yard, tag, garage or at a show. And 2)share your finished product if you plan on changing it up a bit or how you plan on using it.

With all this talent on these blogs everyone has a different approach to decorating and use of items. This way we can look at things differently and not pass up a piece because we dont know what to do with it...... PLEASE join in

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Blogger Friend giveaway

(I sure hope I did this right)A fellow blogger friend is having a 2 year blogging anniversary giveaway. Go check it out!!