Saturday, September 3, 2011

Time flies!

It seems like yesterday when I last posted and when I ust got on it was like 6 months ago, sorry for being a bad poster. Nothing much new here l get on every day and read all your lovely posts and I am so enjoying the beautiful pictures you all are sharing of your pretty fall decorating, I hope to get some done this week as soon as it cools off some. We survived Hurricane Irene with a bit of water in the basement but NOTHING compared to my neighboring towns, oh my it is such a shame to watch and hear the horror stories, so heartbreaking:( Mother Nature is a force we should always pay more attention to. I hear that there is another Hurricane out there swamping Louisanna right now and we may see that one by sometime end of the week, and I know there are so many that just dont need any more rain to deal with, I hope this one misses upstate completely.
Thats all for now, thanks for letting me slip and I will try to be better with my blogging, I really do enjoy reading everyones stories every day


  1. Welcome back to blogland!
    Sometimes it's just hard to keep up!
    Glad to hear you and your family are o.k.
    Mother Nature sure is unleashing her wicked side lately. We had 80 mph winds here on Fri.
    Trees were snapping off like they were sticks.
    A lot of people are still without power. What a mess.
    Prim Blessings

  2. Nancy, Nancy!
    Well, I am SO sorry! I have been a BAD swap partner! I have been so very busy, well, don't give up on me! I am mailing your swap out tomorrow! I will get back with you!
    It is hard to keep up sometimes, right now for me, well, my mom is in town, and I am HAPPY to see her, since I haven't seen her in over a year. Also, my work is getting CRAZY busy now, so I will have almost no down time. Don't feel badly. It has been beautiful here this week, I know snow will come soon enough, so I am hoping to get some things done before then.
    Have a great week!