Sunday, December 12, 2010

Rainy/cold/icy day in Northeast

Woke up this morning to ice, which now has turned to all rain, its just a yucky day! I decided to send another picture, this is my yellow lab Abby in front of my Christmas tree. Of course this is before she decided to remove one of my garlands (cranberry and popcorn) and eat all the popcorn! It was a purchased piece and im kinda bummed because I can not get out to get another. Many of you may already know, I fell Nov. 8 and broke my ankle, both the tibia and fibia and I am non weight bearing for 8 weeks, so here I sit in my wheelchair and enjoy all the lovely pictures you have posted. It has definitely helped me get into the Christmas spirit this year! THANK YOU!


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  2. Sad for your popcorn, but smiling at the same time. This AM my Lab ate her "daddy's shirt sleeve"...he had spilled food on it and had dropped it on the bedroom floor. Hey, she was just cleaning up. Labs...gotta love 'em! I hope you heal fast and have a wonderful holiday season despite being incapacitated...


  3. Nancy,

    Abby looks so sweet & innocent!
    The tree beautiful!

    Get well~~~heal well & fast!

    Keep safe & warm

  4. she is one of 2 labs I own, my other Peggy is a black lab and she does not get into trouble like this one does! Thanks for all the kind words with my injury, the weather just turned cold again and we have snow falling tonight so it looks like I will be house bound. 3 more weeks in this cast and yes I am counting the days! We never realize how much we take the simple things like walking for granted

  5. Welcome to blogland, I joined your blog!!!
    I LOVE your dog Abby, just BEAUTIFUL!!

    Kepp warm and safe safe!
    Merry Christmas
    and Prim Blessings,
    I hope you hop over to my blog when you can!!

  6. Sorry about your accident and being wheelchair bound, but this too shall pass. I had to smile about the popcorn garland. I had a rottie that ate ornaments off my trees forever! Pictures show no ornaments until about 1/3 the way up. Now we laugh about it and miss her. Your lab is beautiful.
    betty, Through My Back Door